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Red Hot Ruby- the Gemstone for July

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Ruby Gemstone

July is the first full month in the thick of summer, and Cancer’s cardinal water heats to the fires of Leo’s sun. What better stone to represent this month than one that is ancient, red, valuable, and represents FIRE?

The ruby is an ancient stone that is popular in the Bible as one of the four precious stones (Diamond, Sapphire, and Emerald). Some types of ruby are placed at a higher value than diamonds, actually. Like diamonds, they are fire stones. The difference is the ruby represents sheer fire, while diamonds represent fire and ice. The ruby is the stone of the Divine Creator, like the fire of the Sun. Its energy stimulates circulation, and love of all forms, coining this rock an aphrodisiac. At the same time, its divinity wards off lust. I suppose they still light the fire down under…very similar to the garnet. In fact, many early civilizations didn’t bother to differentiate the two. 

The ruby is a royal stone used to purify the thoughts. They ward off foolish thinking, thus wards off manifesting foolish fruitions. It draws prosperity, invokes your deepest passions, while passing poverty by your door. Ruby is a staple, go-to stone to assist in mastering self, and embracing intense transformations. Its fire is to lead you to your light within and to your path to personal divine bliss. With all of the wonderful healing and magic properties of ruby, what is the catch? You must only carry them around to absorb their powers. It is a stone with far too much vigor to sit still and meditate with. It is literally almost too hot to hold.

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