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October 14, 2019
  • Aries

    While I might be more subdued at the start of the week, unlike the Full Moon last week, which caught me off guard, if anything it is more that I am feeling lazy and just can't be bothered. This is quite a relaxed feeling and it is when I am in the centre of home and family life that I will feel the most content. Come to think of it I am feeling very blessed. With the people I love around me, what more could I want. Make the most of this, because I am not usually this undemanding.

  • Taurus

    While I am likely to have a lot of energy throughout the whole of this week, there is a shift midweek that will turn me from moderately active and restless to bordering on manic. It is as though what restraint has been placed on my restless energy will leave and there will be nothing to contain it. I am not feeling anxious and if anything, I am feeling good. It is just that I need to move or I'll get bored. Apart that is, from the times when I wear myself out and have to take a nap.

  • Gemini

    While I have been known to overthink things and this can make me a bit of a worrywart, this week I am under the influence of a playful spirit that will only intensify the deeper into the week we go. This will really take hold at the same time that the Sun moves into my health sector midweek, shining the solar spotlight on my health needs. This will usually highlight any lethargy but there is a good chance there will be none. When I'm happy I want to move and this week I want to move.

  • Cancer

    Any week that doesn't start with a Full Moon, as last week did, is going to be a good week for me. My friends and I are more influenced by the Moon than you are, because of how intuitively tuned in we are but as I was born at a Moon ruled time of year, my antennas are even more highly attuned. This is why a Full Moon is a bit too much for me and my nerves, which is why this week has a much better feel from the get go. There is even a playful vibe that is encouraging me to play.

  • Leo

    While I am feeling a lot more energised this week, I am also happy to stay close to home. This is a chance to combine my two great loves, the first a love of my home and family and the second is a love of being the centre of attention. This is why you are likely to find me positioned at strategic points of the home where no one can move around without noticing me or simply showing off in order to get attention. At home I have my own captive audience.

  • Virgo

    I am starting to feel a lot more confident, so much so that I might become quite cocky, especially in the second half of the week and leading into the weekend. This isn't like me, which is why it is important to let this slide or even contribute by stroking my ego a little. The reality is, confidence is key to my mental, emotional and physical wellbeing and something that money can't buy.

  • Libra

    With my birthday month ending midweek, there is not so much a sense of urgency but a need to acknowledge this. The reality is I am going to feel exactly the same the day before my birthday month ends and the day after it ends and if anything, by the time I reach the weekend I may be feeling even more energised. However, the reason why the final days of my birthday month are important is because it is a chance for you to make the kind of intentions and resolutions that you might make during your birthday month but I need you to make on my behalf.

  • Scorpio

    Even before my birthday month begins midweek I am already feeling energised, as though I have a fresh load of enthusiasm. I am already hungry for new experiences and I am feeling a sense of rebirth. Of course, the start of my birthday month does mean I have a birthday coming up, so I will be expecting the royal treatment over the coming weeks.

  • Sagittarius

    I know that I can sometimes expect the royal treatment, believing that I am the king or queen of my domain but isn't it worth pandering to me? After all, when I am sad and droopy you have to admit the sunshine goes out of the home, while if I am happy and bouncy, this spreads like a virus. It doesn't take much to keep me happy, with a bit of affection, attention and ego stroking usually doing the trick.

  • Capricorn

    I am competitive by nature, simply because of the time of year I was born and this is really starting to show this week. I am always ready for a battle of wills and I was born with a stubborn streak but at this time of year this is often exaggerated. Even more so this year and even more so in the second half of the week and into the weekend. The best option is to humour me, letting me win enough battle so I maintain my reputation, while saving it for the battles that matter.

  • Aquarius

    I am hungry for experiences this week. I don't care what kind of experiences, just as long as they are experiences that I can embrace. From showing me something I haven't seen before, taking me somewhere new or just playing a new game with me, I am hungry for experiences. It is not that I have a low tolerance for boredom and more a higher thirst for new, exciting or adventurous experiences.

  • Pisces

    I am in my happy place this week, happy that last week is over. A week that began with a Full Moon and then went downhill, really did a number on my nerves. While this was easing by the weekend, from the moment I move into this week my sixth sense will be telling me that the vibes are very different. There is a sense of adventure and playfulness in the air that will have my attention from the get go.

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